Kinleith Pulp & Paper Mill

North Island, New Zealand

For over 28 years, Carter Holt Harvey (CHH) has chosen to partner with Pedersen Group to continually streamline and develop their operation at Kinleith Mill.

Testament to Pedersen’s success in maximizing efficiencies, production and profit, Kinleith Mill is now one of the lowest-cost pulp production facilities in the world.

Chipping and debarking systems are one of Pedersen Group’s well-recognised specialist areas, and Pedersen designed and built what is New Zealand’s only on-site chipping and roundwood operation with a forest owner mill. We also installed the world’s first stationary eucalypt twin ring debarking plant – saving on internal dump fees and creating fuel for the onsite co-generation plant.

Our skill and innovation has more than doubled chipping and debarking production – from 250,000 tonne per annum to over 600,000 tonne per annum – whilst also reducing environmental impacts.

Pedersen’s hogger division provides hog fuel transport and hogging services for the Kinleith site and completes 30,000 truck movements annually, hogging up to 120,000 tonne per annum through a Morbark mobile hogger. The machine configuration we have delivered to this operation has resulted in significant ongoing savings to CHH Pulp & Paper.

In 2006, Pedersen Group entered into a Preferred Supplier Agreement for all of CHH sites in New Zealand and in Australia – for the provision of log yard services, mobile plant services, whole log chipping services, log debarking and hogging services.

We look forward to many more years of rewarding partnership, combining our expertise, spirit of innovation and commitment to a shared goal – running the most successful operation possible.


Oji Fibre Solutions

Hancock Forest Management

Operational Duties

  • Log yard services
  • Mobile Plant services
  • Whole log chipping services
  • Log debarking
  • Hogging services

Site Statistics

  • Site Size: 60 ha
  • Produces approx. 900,000 tonne of product per year
  • One of the lowest cost pulp production facilities in the world
  • Wood consumption: 2.1 million tonnes annually