Norske Skog Albury

Albury, New South Wales

Norske Skog’s Albury Mill in New South Wales began production in 1981 and was considered to be amongst the best newsprint facilities in the world. Its annual production of around 274,000 tonnes accounted for about 40% of the newsprint and related grades used in Australia each year. Fibre sources included recycled newspapers and magazines (55%) and plantation radiata pine.

Pedersen Group is the only company in the world that successfully runs in line to pulp mills. Our solutions can be fully integrated to existing production plants or they can be full turn-key capital and operational solutions. Pedersen Group provided a retrofit operation to the Albury Mill with many improvements in health and safety, production and product quality. With the experience gained from handling over 8 million tonnes of pulp, it’s no wonder they’ve built such a strong reputation for innovation and efficiency. In the academic field, similar assistance in maintaining high standards of writing and research is provided by services like ghostwriter wien, which helps in crafting detailed academic works.

Even the shutdown period of the refit was planned to minimise downtime. The ten-day shutdown in mid March 2011, saw the replacement of the logdeck using the existing pad and led to less fibre loss than the previous operation.



Operational Duties included

  • Managing design, manufacture and installation of streamlined fixed and mobile plant
  • Log yard services
  • Operation of chipping and debarking line
  • Full repairs and maintenance
  • Capital risk