The information collected on this form is for the primary purpose of assessing an applicants suitability of employment with Pedersen Group (the Company). The company will observe the following Policy in respect to this information:

  • The information on the application form collected as part of the application process will be received by the Company’s staff concerned with the relevant employment decisions. If the application succeeds, it may be used by persons accessing the company’s employment records. It may be also used by related companies for employment related reasons;
  • The company will generally collect personal information about an applicant from an applicant. Sometimes the Company may collect it from other people. For example, a referee nominated by the applicant. Where an applicant nominates a referee, the applicant is taken to have consented to the Company obtaining a reference from that referee. Applicants should note that all references are confidential between the Company and the Referee, and are deemed to be evaluative material;
  • Generally an applicants personal information will not be disclosed to third parties(people other than related companies staff and consultants ) without their consent. However, sometimes the Company may be obliged to disclose it, for example, if it is required by a court of competent jurisdiction;
  • The information will be retained, if the application is unsuccessful, for not more than12 months. It will then be destroyed. If an applicant is successful and is employed by the Company, then the information will be retained as part of the Company’s employment records and may be used for employment related purposes;
  • The information will be stored, securely within the company’s Human Resources records;
  • Sensitive Information such as health information will only be collected when it is necessary to determine whether the applicant can perform the job and to monitor the employees health in compliance with the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation relating to the employees workplace and legal jurisdiction;
  • If the applicant falsifies or fails to supply the information requested, the company may reject the application;
  • The applicant may access personal information collected about the applicant(other than evaluative material which is confidential to the company ) by contacting the HR Manager.

Please note that any information supplied by the applicant is protected by the terms of the Pedersen Group Privacy Policy